Snowboard Blue Prince

Instruction at the Disentis ski area, meeting point Caischavedra.

In the Swiss Snow League fun and learning progress are guaranteed. Under professional supervision children improve their skills in peer groups. Find more information about levels in the video below.

For parents who don't ski and don't want to accompany their child to the ski area we offer a chaperon service.
Price: CHF 5.00/up or down with cablecar.

Monday to Friday: 10.00am - 12.30pm  
                       or    1.00pm -   3.30pm 

Number of daysPriceBook
1 half dayCHF  70.00Book now!
2 half daysCHF 140.00Book now!
3 half daysCHF 210.00Book now!
4 half daysCHF 245.00Book now!
5 half daysCHF 270.00Book now!
Renewal day after 3 half days of instructionCHF   45.00/half day within the same week 
  • Not included the Skipass Disentis area

Every Sunday

Taster day, 1.15pm - 2.45pm, CHF 35.00 (without material) and CHF 53.00 (with material)