instruction for kids Blue King

This group remains till Tuesday at the Sax area to improve their skills. From Wednesday they are on the practice lifts Pony and Palius in the ski area of Disentis 3000. The instruction hours are interrupted till Tuesday by small pauses. In our tipis we offer something to drink and a small snack to the children. When the course goes 3.5 hours please give a snack with your children. (Sandwich). From Wednesday there is the possibility to buy food vouchers for 10.00 per day in the ski school office so your child will get a meal.
For parents who don' ski and don't want to accompany their child from Wednesday to the ski area we offer a chaperon service.
Price: CHF 5.00 up or down with cablecar.

Sunday/Monday to Friday: 9.30 AM -11.30 AM (Wed.10 AM - 12.00 PM)

1 dayCHF 50.00
5 daysCHF 197.00
6 daysCHF 219.00

or Sunday/Monday to Friday: 9.30 AM-1.00 PM (Wed. 10.00 AM-13.30 PM)

1 dayCHF 83.00
5 daysCHF 292.00
6 daysCHF 317.00
  • The prices are just inclusive liftticket Sax until Tuesday. 
  • Group Lesson starting from 5 kids up

Every Thursday kids' ski race

Begins at 10.15 AM platterlift Caischavedra, medal ceremony at 1.15 PM